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Bioenergetic exercise classes are a unique movement experience based on the work of Dr. Alexander Lowen, working with the energy patterns of the body through breathing, stretching, grounding and self expression to relax muscular tension and chronic holding in our bodies. Through a series of gentle and powerful exercises, tense areas of the body are gradually opened in the neck, hips, joints, pelvis, shoulders and ankles, so that the energy can begin to move more freely, allowing the body to regain its natural aliveness and vitality, and harmonize the relationship between the body, mind and spirit.  Deepens respiration and breathing o Builds inner strength, mobility and flexibility Increases aliveness and energy in the body o Reduces and releases stress  Encourages voice, self expression and fun In Bioenergetics, the emphasis is on being rather than doing. There is no goal to reach, image to meet nor technique to master. These classes can be done by anyone who is interested in learning more about their body and themselves. However, these exercise classes are not a substitute for psychotherapy, and it is strongly recommended that participants be engaged in or consider entering into a therapeutic process.

If interested in Bioenergetic Classes please leave a message here.

For classes in London, Ontario see www.healinginprocess.com

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